FMF Header and Pipe fitment

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5/8/2019 10:25 PM

Hey fellow riders.

I have a rmz450 2015 and got a second hand (ebay) FMF muffler with a megabomb header.
I bought them from two separate people. Once that everything showed up it looked just fine.

However once that I installed, I felt that the fitment was too loose between the header , the mid pipe and the muffler. It doesn't feel snug like the OEM.

What am I missing? do I need some sort of bushings or O'rings ?
would some high temp silicone would help?
any idea would be highly appreciated!
Thanks and best regards.


5/10/2019 12:33 PM

I went through something like this on an older kx450f.... anyway, for that model of Ti megabomb there were 2 different exhaust flanges and I had the wrong one. Does yours require a specific flange to be used? (I had a rmz with yosh, but cant requal how it all bolted up. Anyway, A quick call to FMF confirmed I had the wrong one, and while they didnt have the proper in stock, they whiddled a fresh one up for me in a flash. When the new one came, everything bolted up nice and snug. Perhaps a call to the don factory would get you straight?