Do i need to return my FMF power core for my fc350

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11/25/2017 3:31 PM

picked up a slip on FMF for my '17 FC 350 and got a great deal on it.
However the guys at my local shop made it sound like it was the 4.1, which upon opening i realized it was the husky edition powercore 4.

I was under the impression that the 4.1 was a more race exhaust as thats what i see on most race bikes.
sure the power core is probably still a great pipe, but i really can't find any information on differences between the two pipes??
you can get both in Ti, or carbon it seems. i dont really care much about that stuff.

does anyone know legitimate spec differences between these two slip ons? thx.


11/25/2017 3:44 PM

Powercore, little more mellow. Used a lot Gncc, woods type stuff. Top guys still use rct. Any doubts contact Fmf.


11/25/2017 7:27 PM

If it's still new and they'll return it, then return it and get the 4.1 for sure.