Cycra Restyle Kit on YZ250?

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1/29/2018 8:07 AM

Has anyone used the Cycra Restyle Kit on a 2005+ YZ250? Cycra Kit

I want to update the look of my 2010 YZ250 and I been looking at the main ones available (Polisport, UFO, Cycra).

Now my main concern with this kit is of a few things...

1. Are the colors the exact same as the OEM gas tank?
2. How would I order graphics for these plastics? (Since you use 2010 airbox/fork guards, gas tank)
3. Say I break a fender, could I go out and buy any 2015 OEM plastics and they work? Or would I have to buy ONLY Cycra Powerflow Plastics?

Thanks for any answers/help.


1/29/2018 8:10 AM

Colors should match really close. If you have graphics, it’ll cover anyways. In my experience, the gas tank is almost always a different color than any plastics if it’s older, since some tanks get darker with age.

Any graphic company should have the template for them. I think the only parts different from 15+ OEM are the rear number plates.

And yes, you can go out and buy any other brand plastics to replace them.


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2/1/2018 5:13 AM

Alec, the plastics are the same color as new stock blue plastics. If you break any piece you can order just a 2015+ plastic except for the side numberplate. Those would be cycra. For graphics i do offer the cycra restyled template on any graphic kit. Check out our website or email me at and i can get you setup with a vital mx discount as well.