Curved Footpegs from FLY, anyone running these?

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1/18/2019 12:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/18/2019 1:04 PM

Being a superbike rider and being used to a round stick style peg vs a platform on mx I think this could be beneficial and allow more foot dexterity for shifting and braking, especially in last minute/strenuous/akward positions.

Anyone running these?

only thing I can think of is that it could make locking your legs inward clamping the bike while standing more difficult as you'd be prone to having a more rexlaed/backward shin angle


1/18/2019 7:19 PM

My buddy has them in his bike. I rode them and thought they felt fucking awful. Very unstable footing, and the teeth are very dull.


1/18/2019 9:25 PM

As a sport bike rider/racer myself, these look AWFUL. You need your arches stable from hard landings, etc in MX. Totally different disciplines that use different ergonomics for a reason.


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1/18/2019 10:03 PM

Can't comment on the curved pegs, but if you're looking for more ankle articulation, maybe Pivot Pegz are a possibility. My son had them on his YZ126 and liked them while I never could quite come to terms with them; though I never put any substantial time on them while he did.