Converting a Rekluse RadiusCX Autoclutch to TorqDrive Manual Clutch

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11/19/2020 8:15 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/19/2020 8:22 PM

I generally really like Rekluse autoclutches, but on my 250F I just really needed more snap - manual clutch style.

So it occurred to me that the RadiusCX flagship clutch could be converted to a manual clutch easily if you just rotate the pressure-plate standoff adjuster ring in and out of the way (and lock it) and then pull the EXP disc out and replace it with the appropriate number of TorqDrive steels and frictions, voila - manual clutch.

So I called Rekluse, sure enough, their R&D Team agreed, spec'd 3 steels and 4 frictions to swap out with the EXP (to maintain the same thickness in the clutch pack) and you're good. Recall the EXP disc assembly has friction material on the faces, so the stack of cluch plates that replaces the EXP goes like this:
(1) top/outer = friction
(2) steel
(3) friction
(4) steel
(5) friction
(6) steel
(7) bottom/inner = friction

Total price was like $120 and now I've got 2 clutches in one.

Figured this has crossed a few minds here, so confirming you were right - YOU ARE A GENIUS - it's legit. Rekluse will set you up!


11/22/2020 6:17 PM

Good stuff, thanks!


11/28/2020 9:02 PM

What a sweet idea! I like the auto-clutch on my RM-Z because it gives me the peace of mind that it shouldn't stall and therefore if have to kick it, but I do wonder sometimes how it would feel without the EXP disc in there. Thanks for this!