Clutch problems Tm-racing 250 95'

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1/21/2019 1:19 AM

Hello first of all thanks for welcoming me at this great site. I have a small problem what I can't figure out on the moment. Last week I was driving and the nut on the crankshaft came loose. I fixed it with a little loctite and tightened up the nut again.

My big failure was that I damaged the inner hub from the clutch, 2 of the pilons (where the springs fall over) broke of when I tried to loosen up the main nut in the clutch not using the proper tools...

I saw that the clutches of TM from 95 till 2018 are exchangeable they are al the same model.
So I ordered a 2010 straight from ebay and fixed it again. Now my problem is that I lost the ability to shift it feels like a scooter pulling up with variomatic, it's revving like hell and after 200mtrs my clutch smelled burned and gone completly.

My question is could it be that my inner hub is wrong the only difference I saw with the new and old one is that they drilled a lot more of aligned holes into the inner hub for oil i think?? The clutch feels like slipping or dragging i am new at this so help would be really great.

PS I used the springs that came with the 2010 clutch could this be false aswell? So there's maybe no grip when the clutch comes up??

The specs of the bike are:
Tm-racing 250
Hydraulic clutch system


1/21/2019 11:37 AM

Some pressure plates have teeth that need to engage with the inner clutch hub. So take off the pressure plate, measure the thickness of the friction and steel plates. Put the pressure plate onto the hub and check the space between the plate and the hub when it bottoms. This must be at least 1,5mm less than the thickness of all your plates - this means you get full pressure of the springs on your plates and they must wear more than 1,5mm before the pressure plate bottoms on the hub. If this is correct check that your springs have the correct length and give enough pressure. When clutch is assembled you should be able to rotate the pushrod. Next check your clutch lever at handlebar for free play. If there is pressure on the piston and no free play of the lever before it moves the piston you are permanently lifting the clutch a wee bit - this makes it slip under load.