Clutch issue after lever change

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4/20/2018 7:51 PM

Hi guys I'm really looking for some help here. I have a 2016 kx250f and I replaced my stock clutch lever with an Arc clutch lever. I can still feel the clutch action and hear it when pulling the lever however when the bike is on the stand, the rear wheel is very very hard to move while in gear and the clutch pulled in. If I start the bike I can put it in gear with the clutch pulled in and it doesn't creep forward. It doesn't seem normal to me that its very hard to push the bike while in gear but with the clutch pulled in. Bike has less than 5-10 hours. Any idea?


4/20/2018 8:01 PM

Sounds about normal. Sometimes aftermarket levers are thicker and hit the bars and won't release the clutch as much as stock, but if it doesn't creep with it running its ok.


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4/20/2018 8:07 PM

I put the stock lever back on and the same thing was happening, the rear wheel almost skids across the garage with the clutch pulled in while pushing it but when its running it feels fine.


4/20/2018 9:01 PM

I pulled all of the plates out and they look fine and new as they should. The clutch basket had some small markings but I couldn’t even feel them with a screwdriver but you can see it in the pictures.


4/21/2018 2:36 AM

Make sure your lever is adjusted so theres only a nickels width of play between the perch and lever. If thats adjusted then its normal.


4/21/2018 7:05 AM

This is normal. The gear ratios in the trans are just too great to allow for pushing the bike while in gear, engine off and the clutch pulled in. To test this, next time put it in the highest gear and try to push it. It will be easier. Remember that when you try to bump start a bike in the lower gears it will slide the rear tire, but when in third or so it will turn over the engine.

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4/21/2018 8:31 AM

Is it possible your new clutch lever has the wrong ratio? Different makes have different ratios.


4/21/2018 10:07 AM

I cant push my new yz450 if its in gear and the clutch is pulled in. its normal. as long as it doesn't creep when the bike is running.


4/21/2018 10:41 AM

Thanks for the replies guys I was stressing this but apparently it’s just normal. No creep in gear with the bike running so it seems good. Thanks again!