Circlip in coolant port

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11/14/2017 5:52 PM

I am changing out top end and managed to drop a circlip down the cooling port.
How do I go about getting it out?? Photo



11/14/2017 6:11 PM

I'd probably pull the motor and stuff some rags in the crankcase so it doesn't fall in there and try turning it upside down and shake it out or even use an air nozzle to try and blow it out


11/14/2017 7:22 PM

Tiny magnet on a string?


11/14/2017 7:30 PM

Haha I am at Walmart as we speak buying magnets , I'll let ya know how I make out


11/14/2017 7:36 PM

Good luck. I hope it works!


11/14/2017 8:07 PM

Buy a telescoping magnet from an auto parts store


11/14/2017 9:03 PM

Got it! Used magnet strip and worked like a charm after a few triesPhoto


11/15/2017 3:02 AM

Damn havent seen that before. I think im gonna get some of those strips just in case. Good idea


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11/15/2017 4:30 AM

Good deal! We did top end on my son's 125 last weekend and this exact scenario crossed my mind for some odd reason. I always stuff the opening to the crank case but I thought about the water ports. Glad it worked out for u.


11/19/2017 6:36 AM

This is what I used for anyone in future. $5 at walmartPhoto