Cheapest way to convert Showa SFF TAC

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10/24/2018 3:09 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/24/2018 3:11 AM

hi everybody.
i have a set of Showa forks that came off CRF250R 2017.
these forks is gonna be used for off road and tight technical terrain on my CR125
so, i did some search on the web and all i can find is kits to convert the fork to spring with PC \ FC\ precision concept \ Race Tech, they all priced above 500$ which sounds little too pricey in my stand point
you can find used dual spring forks on Ebay for that price and then you are not stuck with the SFF mechanism and its disadvantages.
even Ohlins inserts for more 800-1000$ sounds like better solution.

SFF Air forks are very spread now since they where sold for 4 years on every Jap Mx bike so what is the most common solution?
the result of Air-To-Spring kits has no down side compare to the old dual spring forks?
need your thoughts & experience.

Thanks, Yotam,