Can this bad flywheel be the problem

7/21/2017 9:16pm
Dirtbike doesn’t want to start timing is good and just reshimmed it ?

Belfast GB
7/22/2017 1:03am
Dude this is the 3rd thread and 3rd time you've posted pictures of this flywheel. If you keep on making new threads it will be hard for people to track the progress of other suggestions and you have already been advised by PawPaw of a couple of things on the other thread.Your flywheel is certainly not meant to have holes in it so regardless of your current problem you need to replace it and as PawPaw said you need to find what it came in to contact with to cause that damage.

Keep everything on the one thread to give yourself a chance of getting some info on the problem and don't barage the forum with your one problem.

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