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Sam Neufeld Sam Neufeld
8/20/2018 2:47 PM

Hey guys, washed my bike and now it runs like dick. Cleaned the carb, new gas, air filter. Is there anything I can put in the gas to clean the engine/ carb, like a booster or something. Thanks boys

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Paw Paw 271 Paw Paw 271
8/20/2018 3:14 PM

Not really. Pull and clean the carb.
However, you can remove the float bowl plug and drain what is in there and see if that clears it up.

Paw Paw

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dirtmike86 dirtmike86
8/20/2018 5:40 PM
Paw Paw 271 wrote:

Not really. Pull and clean ...more

Now i know how to make my bike stop running like a dick.

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lumpy790 lumpy790
8/23/2018 8:50 AM

IF it is water and dirt pushed up the vent hoses into the float bowl you can Pull the main jet plug then turn the gas on to flush dirt and water out the opening and put the main jet plug back on and restart.

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kb228 kb228
8/23/2018 9:40 AM

How did it run good before you washed it if there was a big enough hole to let water in? You probably f’ed a wire somewhere.

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