CRF 250 2019 FOOTPEGS FROM 2018

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12/15/2018 12:48 AM

This week came to me the new CRF250R 2019 And it has the same pegs as the previous model 2018 is wrong of Honda had no stock There was no one else the same problem


12/15/2018 6:58 AM

The stock pegs have a problem? If so, easy fix. Just get good aftermarket pegs.


Powerband in every gear !

12/15/2018 7:04 AM

Pretty sure they updated the pegs in 2019 and he means he got an old set (2018 version) on his 2019 bike and he's asking if it has happened to someone else.


12/15/2018 7:31 AM

My problem is that I got a 2019 Model and did not have all the upgrades and just ask if other buyers Crf 250 450 2019 had the same problem