CR125 2001/1999 PWK conversion

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11/17/2017 4:45 PM

Managed to pick up a PWK38 AS for £20 for my 2001 CR125 with 1999 HPP engine.
Wondering what would be a good jetting base to start with?
I’m around sea level in the uk.
Old TMX jetting was:
6BEG20-69 needle #2 clip
370 main
40 pilot
PWK current jetting:
NOZE needle
180 main
48 pilot
6.5 slide
Boyesen power reeds
Bigger air boot 05-07
Holes in air box
Fatty front pipe
Pro circuit silencer
1999 motor with HPP
My old tmx jetting was good just want to try the pwk to see if it really is that good.

Shall I stick with the N0ZE or get something else?