CANNOT find dowel pin anywhere online!!

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6/4/2018 5:38 PM

I’ve been desperately trying to find two new dowel pins for my 1984 Cr80 crankcase before I rebuild the engine. The dowel pin is part number 90705-639-000. It’s a size 8x20.5. I’ve looked up the part number and went to every site that sells the OEM pin and they’re all either out of stock (part is discontinued) or when I place the order they cancel it in a few days because they haven’t updated their stock in forever... I’d be happy with some random 8x20.5 dowel pin made by any random company but I can’t even find one that size anywhere online!! Can somebody please help me. Also I need a new bearing which has been discontinued as well and I can’t find it anywhere online either. It’s part number is 96120-63030-00.


6/4/2018 5:52 PM

Buy a 8x20 dowel pin and go with it? Dont think .5mm of length would hurt anything. Or buy 8x25 or whatever and cut it shorter..

Also the bearing should have a generic code to it, i think the one you are looking for is 6303 (not familiar with bearing codes but i know they all have them) so just search radial ball bearing 6303 and you should be able to find a wide selection of them just make sure all the main dimension are the same and its a high quality bearing


6/4/2018 10:22 PM

I just Googled 96120-63030-00 and it came up with multiple sources for the bearing. Apparently it's an Acura part as well.

0.5mm shouldn't make a difference, I'd just use a 20mm long dowel. That said, Googling 90705-639-000 brings up a few sources as well.


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6/5/2018 1:08 AM

Mcmaster carr sells dowel pins. Buy a pull dowel so you can get it out again.


6/6/2018 4:32 PM

Last time I lost a dowel I took my calipers and measured another dowel, since there was 2 and I lost 1, and actually I found a drill bit that was exactly the same size so I cut it to the length I needed and finished my build. Obviously I used the back side of the drill not the front side that cuts. So if u have no luck maybe try measuring some drills


6/7/2018 10:07 AM

I've cut down dowel pins many times to fit. I have a bunch of extras for when I work on something and one gets seized in. As long as it catches both cases it should be fine........bearings I also usually buy by actual number if possible so to choose manufacturer and tolerances. Make sure you find the properly rated (c-rating) or you could have issues though...most engine bearings are C3 from my experience....