Best method to polish aluminum?

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3/7/2021 8:19 PM

What is the best method to polish aluminum frame, swingarm, etc.? I have a dremel tool for those hard to reach spots but not sure what bit would work best to clean it up and make it shine again. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


3/8/2021 5:39 AM

Step down your sandpaper to 1000grit and then use mothers polish with a polishing wheel or the little pads for a dremel. What i did with my frame is use scotch brite first and then go from red to green to gray and then polish with mothers and a polishing pad that attaches to my drill. Turned to a mirror in no time.


3/9/2021 5:31 PM

Grab a can of elbow grease and get to work!


3/10/2021 5:44 PM

Scotchbrite balls in the end of a drill, work smarter not harder