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Alec138 Alec138
3/1/2018 8:32 AM

Looking for a new set (brake and clutch with perch assembly) for my yz250. Mine are the ebay cnc blue levers and riding last weekend my clutch started literally coming apart while riding because i use the clutch so much. Front brake started doing the same thing.

I dont want oem’s but i dont want to spend a fortune on them either. I run wrap around handguards as well. Give me some suggestions!

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kb228 kb228
3/1/2018 8:57 AM

All i have to say about levers is buy 10 cheap ones for $10 or buy 1 for a lifetime for $100. Up to you.

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murph783 murph783
3/1/2018 9:19 AM

I’ve run the msr ones before, they work alright, but they’ll fall apart on you before too long. Now all I run is oem, they last a good long time and it ends up being worth the cost long term.

RPM Performance

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yz133rider yz133rider
3/1/2018 9:27 AM


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mxb2 mxb2
3/1/2018 10:55 AM
kb228 wrote:

All i have to say about ...more

X2, buy junk get junk.

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mwssquad827 mwssquad827
3/1/2018 11:25 AM

You get what you pay for!! Buy some arcs and won’t have to buy levers again.. your welcome

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chillrich chillrich
3/1/2018 3:22 PM

Look into Zeta levers

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Turbojez Turbojez
3/2/2018 12:16 AM

Only cheap levers that are worth anything, are actually used expensive levers.
I bought two sets of ARC/Moose racing levers from one of the vital members for something like 30-40$ (complete with perches). I gotta tell you, I'm not going back to anything less than ARC.

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3/2/2018 7:27 PM

Motion Pro!
Excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

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calcoast calcoast
3/3/2018 10:33 AM

The cheapest thing is always the most expensive...

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