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3/28/2018 6:52 AM

Hi all,

I've read a lot of stuff on different bar bends, and I really don't know what to take from it....Growing up, I just rode with the stock bars, and if they got bent, we put replacement ones on. Never really looked into all the different styles out there.

So, I'm a hair over 6'2", and have a 2017 450 sx-f, with the stock bars. From what I have gathered, they are really short? Like I said, I grew up just running with whatever was on the bike, and that's what I have done on this one, too. Would a different bend (high, Windham, etc) make a noticeable difference? Or just changing position of the stockers in the clamp forward or back achieve the same results?

Confusing stuff....


3/28/2018 7:25 AM

I run the renthal twinwall 918 bend. I really like it. I don't feel super hunched over when standing like I did with the stock yamaha bars. It made me feel way more comfortable. I've run this bend on two different bikes now and don't see myself running anything else. I also run my mounts in the front hole and flipped backwards on my yz.


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3/28/2018 7:32 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/28/2018 7:36 AM

I am between 6'1"-6'2" with a '17 450SXF as well. I immediately noticed that i needed taller bars especially when on the pegs. I made the quick fix of getting some risers off of Ebay for like $20. It made a huge difference for me all around, it really opened it up when sitting and made it easier standing. I am now looking into getting a better bar and bend to get rid of the risers as well. I feel like the risers might be a little too tall and hinder me in corners from getting over the bars. There's gotta be a middle ground.