Aprilla RXV 5.5, Advice

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10/28/2017 11:12 AM

I have always been fascinated with this bike and am thinking of buying a used one with around 100 hours... How bad of a decision is this? Or is it? hard to find any real info on these bikes.

The bike would just be for casual play rides in the woods, no racing.


10/28/2017 8:18 PM

Don't. I used to have one. They are a giant giant giant pain in the ass. Some days they run. Some days they don't. Parts are expensive. Pain in the ass to fix. No fun.


10/28/2017 9:03 PM

I’ve never owned one.
Every time I decide to buy one I read the threads on issues on the Aprilia forum until the idea goes away.
26 pages of terror.


10/28/2017 10:11 PM

Had an sxv for a couple of years. Most fun bike I have ever thrown a leg over! But as others have said... They are expensive, unreliable, high maintenance machines.


10/29/2017 1:38 AM

Ive had RXV550 since 2009, which I bought new as my DS bike. Its a beast and I love this thing, but I would not recommend this bike to anyone as the only bike in the garage. Buy it only if you have skills, patience and money to fix and service it.
RXV/SXV V2 engine has been designed originally for Supermoto - Racing purpose only. So it will require maintenance little more than usual dirtbike and some services are a lot of work(for valve check you have to disassemble the whole engine). You can pretty much find all of the problem areas from AF forum.
The bike has a lot of potential powerwise. Good set of cams, exhaust and mapping will get you close 80rwhp, with some headwork it will be even more. There are some SXV bikes out there pushing over 90hp from rear wheel. For 120kg, that is insane!



10/29/2017 7:36 AM

I had a SXV 450 and it was a total blast. Purchased it from AF1 here in Texas. Those guys knew all the in's and out's of the small V's and set up my 450 perfect. It had 3800 miles when I sold it and absolutely no problems. I wanted a 550, but they talked me out of it, said it was less reliable and the cases would have to be resealed to prevent coolant seeping into the oil cavity. My advice, stay away from the 5.5.