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Holeshot922 Holeshot922
11/21/2020 6:00 PM

Hello, I have 2016 pro circuit built kx250f. I am having what I suspect to be an electrical issue. Bike will be hesitant to start at times and every time you go to shut off the bike there is a 3-5 sec delay at the kill switch before bike will actually die. Couple things I noticed, the GET map selector switch was never hooked up ( still in the box). Also the factory electronic holeshot device is not hooked up. Wondering if any of these may be causing my issues. I also replaced kill switch with new oem thinking it was failing but still same issue.

Can find any real clear instructions on how the GET data setup is supposed to be installed. Any help would be appreciated. Bike runs perfect when it will start and valves are in spec. Attached pic of my bike. Photo

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Wingalls Wingalls
11/23/2020 10:04 AM

If the ECU has the WiFi module take a look at the video below. Not everything in the video will apply to your bike but hopefully it helps. The owner of TacoMoto might be able to help as well, just shoot him an email.

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Holeshot922 Holeshot922
11/23/2020 10:14 AM
Wingalls wrote:

If the ECU has the WiFi ...more

Awesome Thank you, I believe mine is not wifi version??, I believe mine was GET the Evo system. Blue ECU box. 2016 KX250f.

I will shoot them an email and go from there.

Thank you.

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