Aluminum vs steel subframe YZ250

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7/24/2018 7:00 PM

Thinking about getting an aluminum subframe for my project 98 YZ250. Does anybody know the weight difference between the two? Any other arguments for aluminum over steel subframes?


7/25/2018 4:07 AM

Subframe would save you a couple pounds I’d imagine. No reason not to as it’s lighter and doesn’t need to be as strong as steel.


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7/25/2018 6:10 AM

My 98 yz steel subframe would bend if you just looked at it wrong. Everytime I had a tip over instead of the handlebars I would be kicking the subframe to straighten it out. Aluminum subframes are much stronger with the added bonus of the weight savings.


7/25/2018 10:35 AM

There is always the Ti option as well.


7/25/2018 3:44 PM

not all aluminum is the same . two of the "strongest" ones are 7075 t6 and 7068 t6 . both of these are "stronger" in most aspects than 6060 t6, however, all aluminum bends/flexes in shear about the same irregardless of what grade it is, and about 66% easier than steel does. i am using 7068 aluminum for my rear axle and axle spacers and swingarm bolt on my 1980 yz250.


7/27/2018 11:51 PM

I was about to find a 2001 aluminum subframe on eBay for $25.

When I get it I'll compare the weight difference and post the results online for all to see.