Adjusting oil height SFF - '15 kx250f

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11/2/2017 11:13 AM

My suspension tuner put in 325cc per fork leg when I had my suspension valved for my weight. Fast forward a year, and I recently had my fork seals replaced and new oil put in by a local guy at the track. He used Amsoil fork oil. Nothing seemed much different than before. However, I've been more into suspension lately and trying to dial mine in. I asked the guy what amount of oil he put in and he couldn't remember if he used the manual suggestions or the sticker on the fork leg. The manual and most other spots I've read suggest almost 100cc less in the spring side fork.

I've been noticing my front seems harsh and was going to go with RaceTech's suggestion and lower my spring side oil level. Not knowing how much I have in there how should I proceed? Also, is it possible to remove the right fork leg, pop off the cap and just drain some of the oil? RaceTech suggests 235cc oil in spring side and 320cc non-spring side. Kawsaki suggest 223cc spring side & 300 non-spring side.

From what I read online, it seems that oil height mainly affects the bottoming resistance.