88 RM250 Clutch Pressure Plate

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7/9/2017 11:25 AM

Found some scoring on the one side of my clutch pressure plate. Photo below! Can this still be used when I reassemble or should I look for another???



7/9/2017 1:40 PM

I would clean it up with emory paper or get another pressure plate. Scoring will damage the fibers.

Paw Paw


7/10/2017 9:57 AM

X2- it's hard to tell how worn the friction surface is, but it
s probably be best just to buy a new one...they're not that expensive


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7/12/2017 6:33 PM

I have an NOS pressure plate if you still need one. It fits '88 to '91 models. Also have NOS left and right rear wheel spacers and a used shift lever in good condition. Let me know if you are interested. $30 plus shipping for all. Photo