7/8’ or Fatbar?

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7/24/2021 5:24 PM

Which is better? Fatbar still has flex or stiff like twin walls?


7/24/2021 6:09 PM

A fat bar is pretty close to a 7/8”.


7/24/2021 7:32 PM

7/8" Perfect balance between stiff/flex. I have never bent a set in a fall. I also run my levers in, so I need the extra clamp area.


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7/25/2021 2:35 PM

For what it’s worth after running crossbar-less bars for years, when I got my 17 Honda I ran the 7/8ths that came on it for awhile and I would get sore wrists when the track was rough. I changed the bars to pro tapers and the pain went away so in my experience when it’s rough or the bigger hits the fat bar would be better.


7/28/2021 7:50 AM

I’ve bent 7/8” but not that easily. Usually the problem is with the mounts twisting. I’ve run 7/8” renthals forever. Fat bars are nice though.


7/28/2021 2:14 PM

It's been a long time since I've run 7/8 bars but when I did it seemed they always bent where the crossbar clamps onto the bars. I've been running either fatbars or Pro tapers for years now and despite some pretty big crashes I haven't bent a set yet.
My theory is without the crossbar, in the event of a crash the bars can flex when they hit the ground. Don't know if that's true but I've had a good run with it