450 Rebuild KTM

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10/23/2017 7:20 AM

Little past due time for rebuild on my 16 450 SXF KTM
88 hours on meter.
Planning on basic OEM
Piston and rings
Timing Chain
Possible Timing chain tensioner
Of course all applicable gaskets.

Any reason to mess with any valve train components?

Thanks Guys.


10/23/2017 11:22 AM

My ktm dealer said he has never replaced the timing chain, that ktm makes a very good chain and it's not necessary.


10/23/2017 12:43 PM

Might as well so its all fresh. Dont put all that money into the bottom end and only do half of the top end. Id hate for a valve to malfunction because of it being worn and blow up your motor.


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10/23/2017 3:02 PM

Was not planning on doing Anyghing to bottom end.


10/23/2017 5:39 PM

I ran my 2016 Husky FC250 for 92 hours before replacing parts, checked the valves at 60 previously and they were spot on. Checked them again at 92 and once again they were bang on and had zero wear. Put a new piston and popped her back together and ran it about 4 more hours so far. The ring gap on the old piston was identical to the gap that was in the new OEM kit.. that shows how much it wore, nothing wink

The only "fun" thing you'll have to deal with is the cam chain tensioner, they're a little tricky.


10/23/2017 8:24 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/23/2017 8:24 PM

For what it's worth, my brother put 162 hours on his OEM piston and she never skipped a beat. Not recommending this by any means but all I'm saying is you probably have awhile yet before you need to worry about anything but a piston and valve clearances.


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10/24/2017 2:07 AM

I went 110hours before throwing in a new piston/cam chain/clutch all oem. The mechanic said i could of went longer. Valves were still in spec.


10/24/2017 5:07 AM

I have no issues dealing with cam chain tensioner. Def gonna go back OEM as they obviously hold up great!
When I did my YZF and my RMZ I did valve springs and seals as well. Will probably hold off on that this time.
Checked valves a few times always spot on. Thanks for the replies.


10/25/2017 6:17 AM

Last time when I spoke with TRZ ,they told me that you don’t need to replace the timing chain.


10/25/2017 8:39 AM

No offense meant but who is TRZ?