270mm vs 280mm front brake rotor

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12/24/2018 4:51 AM

After searching internet for a while, I couldn’t fine any information.I am looking to upgrade my front brake on my 2017 Honda crf450r and so far I’ve desided on Braking batfly kit,but which one? I am looking for strong stoping power and progressive feal in the lever but definitely I don’t want to start locking my front wheel before every corner. I rode my buddy KTM and kinda looking for the same feal and stopping power.Any info will be helpful.Thanks ?


12/24/2018 7:02 AM

A bigger rotor will stop you faster. Ive got a tusk oversized rotor and i dont have issues with locking the front wheel.

Also a lot of the ktm brake feel has to do with the brembo system.


12/24/2018 9:38 AM

Yeah I was more into which one,270mm or 280mm. I am getting confuse,from reading on internet ,is that 280mm can be grabby .


12/24/2018 9:20 PM

280mm is more leverage, and yes, they can be grabby. Different brands have different feel, some are floating vs. fixed, etc. Have you tried bleeding OE 17' setup? The 260mm isn't too bad, especially with a Motul or Maxima fluid change.

I've tried this Galfer kit and was impressed with the modulation and price point on my previous CR/CRF 240's, but don't feel the need to replace my 17':



12/24/2018 9:26 PM

280mm motostuff


12/24/2018 9:46 PM

crc245 wrote:

280mm is more leverage, and yes, they can be grabby. Different brands have different feel, some are floating vs. fixed, etc. ...more

The Galfer SKW is a very good budget setup and really awesome for the price. I have it on my 125.

Galfer also makes the Tsunami 280mm kit now which gets you a 280 much cheaper than Motostuff. I've ridden both of them on CRF's and the feel is very similar. Neither of them is grabby. The logic behind a bigger rotor is you get a wider area of modulation before lockup. So, in theory it's actually less grabby as you have more control before lockup. My buddy has the Galfer 280mm on his CRF and it has a very smooth, strong feel with the stock pads.



Powerband in every gear !

12/25/2018 7:28 AM

Thanks for the info guys.I all ready ordered the 280mm batfly yesterday from ebay,really cheap for 270$,and reading your posts guys make me feal good abouy my choice.For now I will keep my brake line stock in order to expend a little bit.


12/25/2018 7:50 AM

the ss line is going to make a huge difference in lever squish id do it for sure.