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jhouk jhouk
5/28/2018 9:19 AM

I just procured a 2105 FE450. It was well cared for and is a solid bike. When I picked up the bike, however, I was a bit shocked about what the previous owner told me about maintenance. He told me to change all the fuel filters (there are three of them?), air filter, and oil and oil filter after every race. I am a motocross racer from way back (late 70's/I rode an open class CZ and had a dealer sponsorship), and I do not recall this degree of attention being payed to my bike back then. Was this guy being a bit anal or is this really the case?

Also, he said he ran fuel with no less than a 108 octane rating. Again, I was surprised because I thought I would be able to run premium gas from the pump. Apparently that is not the case? I do want the highest performing fuel so if you could say a few words about that, I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance from and old school motocross racer!

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5/28/2018 9:49 AM

The guy you bought it from sounds like a retard.

You can get away with an oil filter change every other oil change, but as a general rule of thumb in my garage, I perform an oil & oil filter change every 5 hours, or 3 rides, whichever comes first. I ride a lot of sandy areas with a lot of hills, so YMMV. If you aren't riding the bike really hard, you can probably go further on your oil change intervals. If the shifting feels "notchy", its time to change the oil.

I clean the air filter after every ride.

I also change out the fuel filter in the quick disconnect section of the fuel line every other oil change, which may be overkill, but I don't need the bike bogging on me when it could be prevented over a $4 filter.

Your bike will run 91 octane pump gas no problem, unless the dude before you mapped it for race fuel. If you want to run race gas but don't want to break the bank, I recommend VP T4.

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pete24 pete24
5/28/2018 2:46 PM

i had one it was a solid bike i changed the oil every 3 hrs, ran pump swill 87 octane that i run in my truck and every four stroke ive ever owned, kept the air filter clean, i only put 37 hrs on it and i think i changed that inline filter once, i did turn up the TPS voltage to make it responnd better, an i changed the oil filter with every oil change, also on the rite hand side under the seat , the voltage regulator is rite there make sure the wires going to it are rooted corectly my seat rubbed threw the white wire and my bike had no power the wires go under the frame and not over the top where the seat can hit them

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5/28/2018 4:55 PM

Don’t run 87 octane in your bike.

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tireguy111 tireguy111
5/29/2018 4:03 PM
CSAR FE wrote:

Don’t run 87 octane in ...more

2105? am I missing something?

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mx317 mx317
5/30/2018 5:41 AM
tireguy111 wrote:

2105? am I missing ...more

Yes, sorry to say you have been in a coma for 87 years.

Take it to the limit, one more time!

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