2020 SSR SR300S Throttle assistance

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9/16/2020 2:50 AM

I have a 2020 SSR SR300s I bought used from a dealer in PA. I finally was able to ride it a few days later with my 7yr old and was noticing the throttle was sticking. I took it apart and found the throttle tube end cap was messed up and cracked. the plastic plate the holds the throttle tube in was also cracked. Under that still had the stickers on the bars wear the throttle tube went. The throttle cable with and with out the throttle housing was hard to pull.

So Any ideas what I could use for the new cable to throttle setup or do I have to go back to SSR and order? Thank you in advance


2020 SR300s
2020 CRF50
2003 KTM SX 50 Pro Jr

9/16/2020 8:10 AM

SSR’s parts are probably ideal. Your problem stems from the damaged tube and sticker. Fix those and it should work perfectly.