2019 KX450 Front Wheel Question

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12/9/2018 9:19 AM

Hi everyone, long time lurker looking for some help! Picked up a 2019 KX450 after many years on KTM's and loving it. Looking to setup a spare set of wheels with some winter spike tires. For the front wheel, the 2019 has the larger front axle than the previous KX450's. Looks like you can get bearings with a 22mm ID (37 x 22 x 9) and would need the 2019 center spacer. Trying to see if anyone has converted a pre-2018 KX wheel to fit on a 2019 and how they did it. Thanks!


12/9/2018 7:47 PM

I have converted a set of Kite wheels from my 18 to my 19. I suggest calling Dubya and they should beable to sell you the spacers, bearings and center tube.


12/10/2018 5:45 AM

Thanks, will do!