2018 Crf250r metal shavings in oil filter

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8/29/2018 1:11 PM

42 hrs on bike, oil and filter changed every 3-4 hrs. Replaced the clutch and basket early on due to failure concerns. Has rekluse basked and radius in. Ride mostly trails and occasional mx. My last oil change I noticed small metal shavings in the oil filter. Noting large but big enough to see when I examined. Appears to be aluminum. Habe not changed piston or had to adjust valves yet. Was planning on doing that this winter around 50 hrs.

Should I be concerned or is this normal? Is it time for a new piston and rings?


2018 CRF250R

8/30/2018 3:56 AM

New clutches will shave off some aluminum until theyre broken in. Not sure when you replaced your clutch. The new one on my 250 took about 4-5 hours to completely break in and then it stopped depositing aluminum. Keep in mind i physically went in and looked for the source of the shavings, as anything other than oil is a big red flag.

Id take a look at your cylinder head where the cams are. Ive seen people not torque the cam caps incorrectly and it will tear the shit out of the cam journals.

Ive also seen the cam chain guides get so worn down that the chain will contact various parts of the “shute” that it travels in.

Pull your right side case if those other areas are good and just take a look at everything.

Magnetic material and gold material (copper/brass) are what you REALLY dont want.

If youve checked all that stuff id take a look at your piston. 42 hours on a 250 is pushing it in my personal opinion without knowing how hard you ride it. Especially if its the stock cast one.


8/30/2018 5:45 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/30/2018 5:48 AM

Thank you for the reply. I replaced my clutch pack at 15 hrs and just recently put in the billet basket about 4-5 hrs ago. I'm a trail rider who isn't bouncing off the rev limiter every time I ride. I'd say I should probably just be safe and throw in a new piston due to hrs. I wondered about the clutch and pulled off the cover to examine. I couldn't see any wearing, but could still be the culprit. What I could see inside when the motor when cover was off looked good.


2018 CRF250R

8/31/2018 5:53 AM

My advice is to keep the oil clean. I changed mine every ride until it stopped. But for sure look at everything you can to be safe.


9/2/2018 5:22 PM

I believe there's a recall on this bike for this very problem. Long story short, my friends daughter ate shit at Loretta's first Moto because of this issue.


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