2018 CRF250r won’t start

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5/6/2018 7:50 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/7/2018 4:03 AM

Just bought this bike a week ago. Halfway through the first tank of gas (not even broke in yet), and IT WONT START. I press the starter and all I get is a “click”.

Charged the battery, checked the connections at the battery and starter, check plug connections, and tapped the starter thinking it might be froze up.

I can bump start the bike, and it runs fine.

Anybody have idea about what might be going on?

(Also, it has gas! So let’s get that out of the way)


5/7/2018 5:01 AM

OEM batteries are junk these days.
You need to do a load test on the battery. I will almost bet you will find it to be low under load.
Your next step would be to replace the battery with an after market LI battery.

Paw Paw


5/7/2018 6:02 AM

Click is a dead battery. Basically same as a car. Autozone or a similar place can test it for you for free. I also suggest buying a battery from a battery company. Not honda lol.


5/7/2018 7:54 AM

I tested the battery and it is okay. I also connected directly to the starter with the charger, and it cycled fine. I’m at a loss.


5/7/2018 9:10 AM

Check the starter relay to make sure you are getting the full voltage to the starter. They do go bad.
You say you tested the battery....What was the loaded voltage ?

Paw Paw


5/7/2018 10:00 AM

Had the same issue with my dad's was the battery we thought it was the starter aswell but the stock batteries are junk some ppl gave had luck with them and some haven't


5/8/2018 2:15 PM


Took it into the dealer and they said that one of the gears in the starter fused itself to the idler shaft in the starter.

8 days with the new bike, 4 days in the shop.
Off to a good start!