2018 250sxf stalling when cold. Normal?

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9/5/2018 5:33 AM

I have a 250sxf that has 30 hours now. I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid but sometimes if the bike sits a few days and I start it it'll die out I'd I give it any gas and sometimes at idle until it warms up a little then it's fine. Usually if it idles for like 20 or so seconds it'll start and rev fine it will just die out a few times until it's been run that long. This is my first efi 4 stroke didn't know if this was normal or not. Thanks


9/5/2018 5:42 AM

Yes its normal for cold bikes to die. When cold they require a rich mixture. Opening the throttle adds air and kills it. This applies for pretty much any bike.