2018 250sxf Metal and plastic in oil

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7/4/2018 10:51 AM

hey guys

I have a 2018 250sxf with 24hrs on it currently I do my oil changed normally every day of riding with rotella t4 and always had some metal in the oil my ktm last year did the same. but it seems like the metal slivers are starting to get worse like more of them and larger. ive also had some oil changes that had slivers of plastic in it... was just wondering is this the start of the gear box issue that I know ktms have??? the plastic bushings in the trans giving out (no issues shifting or anything yet)

ive also had people say the metal in your oil is because you plays with your clutch to much...

I will try and get some picture up next oil change


7/4/2018 11:18 AM

Hard to say without photos. Maybe worth taking your clutch and clutch hub out to see if you can finding anything visible.

Have you been removing the screens near the shifter and at the bottom of the engine. See what those are collecting.


7/5/2018 6:24 AM

Yeah that's where im finding the plastic pieces.... that why it worries me a bit


7/5/2018 1:15 PM

Pony up the few extra dollars to put good oil (amsoil, maxima, Bell ray, etc.) in your bike....


7/5/2018 1:37 PM

Your 2018 has the new tranny upgrade so u shouldn't have the same issues. And pics definitely would help better but it shouldn't be real bad and are u hard on your clutch?


7/5/2018 8:15 PM

I am no help on the debris, but I tried my Rotella in that engine when new and it didn’t work well at all, more engine noise than with a synthetic. I went to motorex 10w50 and engine sounded good again. A bonus was longer intervals between oil changes, I settled with 10 hrs


7/5/2018 10:12 PM

I remember reading you were getting 0w-40 for free and I’m thinking using a 40 weight oil might not be the best option.... ktm recommends synthetic 10w-50 or 10w-60. For the price of any kind of engine damage it would be worth running the motorex. Simple math here 20$/L + Oil changes every 3 hours. 22$ per change over the 24 hours the oil would have costed you 176$. Could even stretch those changes out to 5 hours.