2017 crf250r reliable?

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7/19/2017 11:27 PM

Hey all i used to ride a kx125 but thinking of upgrading to a 4 stroke, if i was to upgrade i'm looking at a brand new 2017 crf250r and have heard apparently they're not the most reliable 250f out. so just wondering what everyone's opinion is? i wouldn't be racing the bike more just using it for a mix of everything and would only be riding it maybe 2 times a month at most. P.S i would like for the bike to last as long as possible as i've heard 4 stroke rebuilds are terribly expensive. Thanks.


7/20/2017 3:07 AM

I bought a new '17 at the start of the year and have put about 15 hours on it so far without any issues at all. To be honest I would have always thought of Honda being one of the most reliable manufacturers out there in part because of the mediocre power output figures means they're not stressing the engine too much and as for electronics etc I've never had any issues. I plan to own this bike for at least 4 years so I am very confident it will not let me down if maintained properly.

Having said that, I would say reliability across all the brands is very good now so it's really up to you with what bike you think you'll get on with the most. I personally love the ergos and handling of the Hondas which is why I always come back to them.


7/20/2017 3:39 AM

yeah i prefer the crf over any other 250 just from sitting on it, just needed an extra opinion on it so thanks for that as it's difficult to find information on what i was asking for.


7/20/2017 3:55 AM

No problem bud I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do my own! There's nothing quite like the sound of the Hondas on the limiter on the rare occasion I get it there! tongue


7/20/2017 4:59 AM

hahahaha yeah definitely


7/20/2017 5:45 PM

They are well made. The fit and finish on parts are very good.
Have about 35hours on mine. I'm now doing a new top end (piston, cam chain, valve check, spark plug, a few seals).
I have a buddies older KXF in here at the moment as well, and the quality finish on parts is very noticeable.


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7/20/2017 10:17 PM

No info on the Hondas but we have a 16 ktm 250sxf that my son put 75hrs on last year with no problems and he races it hard. The manual calls for a top end at 50hrs so I'd definitely say the newer 4 strokes are much better than previous years


7/21/2017 4:04 AM

My son raced his 13 and 15 hard for about 100 hours on both and they were awesome. No necessary valve adjustments , only a fuel pump filter kit once on each bike.As others mentioned all the bikes are very reliable these days if maintained well. Dont hesitate to pull the trigger on one.


7/21/2017 4:19 AM

yeah awesome the exact feedback i was looking for, when i get one i'll be sure to be on top of the maintenance. thanks for the info guys


7/22/2017 12:54 PM

Ive had both a 15 and 16. 15 bike 86hrs. 16 bike 41hrs. Piston change at 30hrs.

Other than that, just oil and filters. Never had a mishap, ever.

And they were tuned..