2017 KX450f best air fork conversion

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11/1/2018 3:30 PM

Hi folks, looking for some input here. i am a 51 slow ass vet rider and am tired of the pump crap every race. I put a glide kit on the bike and it runs much better but I think I'm going to get the forks converted to spring and revalved. Any suggestions I have a quote from Factory Connection on both the shock and forks and it's not bad, but wondering if anyone has tried RaceTeck or one of the others. What difference did it make for a novice rider etc. let me know your thoughts.


11/1/2018 5:26 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/1/2018 5:26 PM

Spring conversion is the best thing you can do, you won't regret it. I used the krooztune simply because of price, but racetech would be my pick if it was cheaper.


11/1/2018 6:59 PM

I used the race tech kit on my 16. Hands down better than air and even better when matched with a revalve. Biggest difference I felt was you could feel what the front wheel was doing, more connected to the ground which I liked a lot. Also, when making adjustments to the comp/rebound clickers you could actually feel a difference where as with the air it was hard to tell any difference. Super easy to install yourself as well.


11/2/2018 6:51 AM

Rotaholic wrote:

Spring conversion is the best thing you can do, you won't regret it. I used the krooztune simply because of price, but racetech would be my pick if it was cheaper.

The best thing you can do is not a spring conversion. Its to replace them all together. Buy a used set of Spring forks, use them, then sell them off when you're done, and not be out 900$ for a spring conversion.

I've got a set of spring a kit forks and clamps in the for sale section here, and shock. I'll separate them if OP just wants the forks.


11/2/2018 11:45 AM

Love my pro circuit conversion... night and day difference... its a completely different motorcycle!


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11/2/2018 1:07 PM

Dal Soggio Sphere kit. Hands down.


11/2/2018 3:41 PM

Thanks for all the advice. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the RaceTech conversion. My dude quoted me 950 out the door for the conversion kit, revalve and i got the right spring for my rear shock. Will post a review but I didn't think this was all that bad.


11/7/2018 10:09 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/7/2018 10:13 PM

Precision Concepts has a spring conversion kit for the SFF TAC fork. I dont remember how much it was when I called to ask but it was cheaper than anyone else i remember and they were super friendly and helpful. Might be worth checking out

**EDIT** sorry I didn't read your last post that you went through with the racetech kit. Good luck with it and let us now how it works out for you!


11/19/2018 11:36 AM

So... got my forks back and put them on with the new shock spring. I didn't revalve them as I planned. With the conversion kit, new fork spring, and new shock spring was out $830 including labor. 1st ride Saturday was great. Forks are plush and first lap had a hard time turning in the loose ground. went one click stiffer on compression and it was night and day. Could not believe how much difference a single click made. Front end very predictable and not harsh at all. Felt solid in loose loamy dirt and great feel on landing bigger jumps.

Set my sag at 105MM and went to factory settings on the rear. Felt as though the rear was a bit harsh in whoops, struggled to keep the rear planted on acceleration (wanted to drift). didn't do much to it though but will try the Racetech recommended settings of HS - 2T, LS 10 out, Reb 12 out. and go from there.

All in all I have to say that these were incredible in terms of the feel of the bike. Absolutely amazing.