2017 KTM 50 sx clicking noise when pushing

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6/14/2018 5:04 AM


Has anyone had a clicking noise develope on their ktm 50 sx when you are pushing it with engine off?

I have adjusted clutch and chain is correctly tensioned, it didn’t use to make this noise and it’s difficult to locate where it is coming from. It doesn’t seem to make the noise when you push it backwards.



6/14/2018 9:01 AM

Check your brake calipers. I've had those metal retainers on the pads shift and start clicking. Or a slightly bent rotor


6/15/2018 5:32 AM

It's normal. When I bought my son's 2nd hand it clicked. Put a new clutch in it and it went away but within a few hours it came back. Picked a new 17 up for my daughter at Christmas, it now has 16 hours on it and has started clicking. Talking to another mate who has gone through the same thing. Dunno what causes it but it's common


6/15/2018 5:57 AM

thanks, it seems worse if chain is adjusted a bit too tight so assume the clicking is front sprocket/counter shaft area.
I have just adjusted clutch and got chain spot on and noise has gone for now.
Thanks for the replies