2017 KTM 250 SX-F Electrical Demons

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6/5/2021 3:25 PM

Thanks in advance for helping me through this tired issue.

I brought my bike home from a day of riding on Tuesday. It started fine all day, always had. I rode it to the garage, leaned it against the side of the garage while I opened the door, and it tipped over. I have had starting problems ever since.

Here is what I have done:
- replaced tip over sensor
- replaced fuses
- replaced battery

Here is what is does do:
- starter works
- fuel pump works
- lots of fuel
- lots of clean air
- spark seems to be the issue.
I have not pulled the plug, I am confident it is good.
How do I know this?
Let me explain.

Yesterday I was cleaning the air filter and air box and as I was reaching for a rag, I bumped the starter. It started within 1/4 second, just like it always had. I killed it, hit the starter again, and it fired. Killed it, put the air filter back on, seat, when to fire it and we're back to not starting.

This has to be an electrical thing.

Today I replaced the battery (the old one was a rusted mess.) Verified the ground, replaced the fuse on the starter relay, and cleaned the ECU connections, starter relay connections, and the connections on whatever the relay is in the airbox. It was a little corroded but cleaned up well.

Where else should I look for demons in the electrical system?


6/5/2021 5:55 PM

Check your stop button wasn't damaged when it fell over


6/5/2021 8:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/5/2021 8:35 PM

Disconnect the starter switch at connector
make jumper and jump to see if turns over

If doesn't start jump at starter relay

next jump starter

Have had broken wires under oem zip ties


6/6/2021 1:28 PM

You might have an internally cracked spark plug cap, I chased a gremlin for months and that's what it was. Hopefully that's what is is, because it's an easy 30 dollar fix.


6/6/2021 1:37 PM

Checked the kill switch. Not it.

It’s going to the shop. Four days is all I am willing to invest. Will let you all know what the mechanic finds.

Thanks for the help!


6/6/2021 4:38 PM

Have seen a cracked subframe do this also