2017/2018 Husqvarna FC 450

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9/4/2017 1:58 AM


Hoping someone might be able to help. I am 6ft 1 and currently have a 2017 Honda CRF 450, I have been struggling with it in terms of setup and it feeling a little small and cramped. Before i go off and buy pegs and do a load of suspension work i thought maybe a change of bike might be a better idea.

Has anyone ridden both the Honda and the Husqvarna FC 450? Does the Husky feel like a bigger bike to the Honda? I also find the Honda a bit too much power wise down low. I know a lot of people go get a remap done and they have since fixed the issue with the 2018 but again i don't want to spend the money when all could be solved with a bike that suits me better.

Any help would be appreciated


9/4/2017 2:51 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/4/2017 2:53 AM

Had both, stick with the Honda CRF450R. I am 6.2 and bike feels fine to me. Did the Tokyo mods, Yosh pipes, piston, some head work, thing rips but very controllable. Plus by the time you sell your Honda and get a Husky, you will take a pretty good hit $$$ wise, so makes sense to put a little bit of $$$ into your Honda and make it to your liking.


9/4/2017 12:10 PM

While I'm not quite as tall as you, I can attest that the FC450 has much more cockpit room than the '17 CRF450. If I were you, I would look for a leftover 2017 FC450. There isn't enough changes to the '18 to justify the price.


9/4/2017 3:20 PM

What about some taller bars? Buddy of mine is 6'3" and he dealt cramped as well but got taller bars and bar risers, he's a lot more comfortable with it now


9/26/2017 4:54 AM

I heard the KTM is wider than the Husky, is there any truth in that?