2016 sx shock vs 2016 sxf shock trax

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12/7/2017 12:14 PM

Bought a shock off eBay which was supose to be for a 2017 sxf/fc450
Got it here and it seems it’s 10mm too long. Identical in looks. Is it going to work on my 17 fc ??
18180p03 is the part number
Thanks guys Photo


12/7/2017 1:36 PM

The 2016 SX was the old chassis, so that won't work on the current 16+ 4 stroke bikes or 17+ 2 stroke 250/300s.

There's been a few guys who had a shop change the length, not sure how that went though.


12/7/2017 4:09 PM

Ya I kinda recall a post on here. Got caught sleepin on eBay I guess f&$@