2016 ktm 350sxf fork oil level

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8/2/2017 5:54 PM

I am trying to raise the oil level on my 2016 350 sxf 4cs forks. I am just confused as to what the stock oil level should be. I called race tech and they said 70mm, but when i measured it I got 80mm. I have watched many videos and felt comfortable doing it. I am wondering if it had something to do with the left over oil in between the inner and outer chambers, which i read from this source, http://www.valvinglogic.com/suspInfo/siRebuild_fk_4CS_set_oil_level.php?rn=rnbb , should be 10mm of oil. The thing is race techs site does not say that this chamber will have any oil in it once the outer tube is lifted to full stroke in order to drain that oil, which i did. I am just getting conflicting information here and just want to make sure i get this right.

Race tech instructions: http://racetech.com/page/title/IP%20Fk%20Setting%20Oil%20Level

If anyone can verify which process is correct and what the stock oil height should be with said process that would be a huge help, because as of now I am thoroughly confused.