2016 Husqvarna FC250 opinions & mods

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3/26/2018 2:27 PM

I am purchasing a used 16 husky 250 this week and I am wondering if anyone out there has one and what they think of it and what upgrades I should do after I purchase it. The bike already has AER forms off a 17, an fmf, fresh top end and a couple of small things here and there. Im getting a fair deal so I have some extra $ to play with. thoughts and opinions on this bike! Thanks!


3/26/2018 4:02 PM

Save your money, ride it as is. The 16+ platform makes for really good motorcycles. The AER fork is icing on your cake.


3/26/2018 5:05 PM

Yeah I’m happy about the aer forks for sure! I haven’t read too too much on these bikes and didn’t know if there was something i should go ahead and swap out. Definitely excited to ride it.


3/27/2018 8:53 AM

I would throw a 13t sprocket on it if there isn't one already on there, and drill the airbox and side panels to let her breathe.


3/27/2018 12:33 PM

I have a 13t but I feel it's tooo low. I ride a 14 front and 52 on my off-road wheel wheel and like that more. I think that or a 51 is prime. All stock is a little long at some tracks


3/27/2018 12:34 PM

I say remove air filter backfire screen with the 2 stroke cage and drill the airbox a bit.

I got MetalTek to mod my footpegs or find some Ti Raptor pegs.

You could get a GET EVO ECU or Vortex. The new GET one seems pretty cool, you can adjust the mapping from your phone with WIFI. I think Pulpmx has a discount on them.

Galfer oversize floating rotor feels nice and makes braking more progressive.

VP T4 or T4E fuel.


3/27/2018 7:25 PM

Thanks for the feedback!