2016.5 450 FE

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1/4/2018 12:01 PM

Just have a general question for you guys.
I'm coming off a 17 150sx and I made the switch back to a thumper. Walked away with a really good deal on a super clean FE. The bike has 50hrs on it right now. Idles perfect, starts fast, as doesn't have any quirky ticks. My question is should I get the valves checked before the season starts back up (Indiana winters)? Also I'm sitting at right around 165 and I'm reading the rear spring rate is off (too stiff). Any feedback would rock, I've had a couple yzf's but this is my first KTM 4t


1/4/2018 12:53 PM

My suggestion for the rear shock is to set the sag then take it for a ride before you buy a new spring. As for valves, you can check just for record. It's a used bike and unless you knew how the prior owner treated the bike I would go through everything while you can.


1/4/2018 1:52 PM

Bike is sprung for 190, manual says.


1/4/2018 2:08 PM

Thanks fellas, looks like I'm in the market for a softer spring.


1/4/2018 6:35 PM

I have a buddy who is around 200lbs. He has a 17' Ktm 250sx. Wondering if his rear shock could be swapped with mine!? And what the differences if/any are?


1/5/2018 2:16 AM

You can get springs from racetech. Theyre $120 i think for the rear shock. Theyre also really easy to change.

As far as your valves, anytime you buy a used 4 stroke you should at least take a gander at them. Its hard to trust previous owners. You never know how hard they rode the bike. Checking them is super easy. Autozone sells a bunch of feeler gauges if you dont already have some.


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1/5/2018 5:11 AM

i have a 4.2 n/mm spring, check your manual I believe that is what they recommend for your weight.
I would sell it for 80 if you are interested, but again, check your manual first.
if interested leave a comment, if not no worries.