2016 250SXF/FC250 Shift Shaft Installation

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10/22/2017 3:42 PM

So I am in the process of rebuilding my FC250 and am stumped as to how the shift shaft (more specifically, the return spring) goes on.

Based on the parts diagram, the two ends of the spring (#5) twist pass each other, with the hooked end towards the front of the motorcycle. This makes sense because it allows the two ends to ride on the groove of that stub that is between the return spring prongs. What doesn't make sense to me though, is when I install the shaft with the spring on the shaft as described and shown in the parts schematic, and then spread one prong of the spring forward to allow the spring to straddle the piece of the engine case for it, it creates too wide of a fit in the spring and my shift lever has free play.

What am I doing wrong?Photo


10/22/2017 5:04 PM

Turns out the end of the spring had gotten bent when the spring loaded arm that holds the detent in place backed out. Thanks DBM for the long distance help.


10/23/2017 2:54 AM

I have learned a lot about KTMs over the last five years.