2014 yz250f dropped shim in bottom end

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6/7/2018 5:41 AM

Yep, you read that right. I was replacing shim on exhaust valve and dropped it down by the timing chain. Two questions. Anyone got any tricks to try and get this thing out before taking the whole top end off? If I have to take top end off, anyone on here done that with this bike and if so how bad is it? Yes I know I should have had a rag in the chain area btw!!! Thanks for the help guys!!!


6/7/2018 5:47 AM

Not familiar with the details of that particular engine, but can you get to it if you pull the ignition cover off? The flywheel/stator are magnetic right? May be stuck to the back of the flywheel.


6/7/2018 6:02 AM

Use one of those stick magnets and see if you can get it. If not just take your ignition cover off and do it that way.

Just a tip... always use a magnet to remove your bucket and shim without dropping them! A magnet is like $5 at walmart


6/7/2018 6:04 AM


6/7/2018 6:28 AM

Pull the ignition cover off and it should be there. Most likely it will be stuck to the flywheel magnets, but could be anywhere. Be sure not to rotate the engine until you find it.

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6/7/2018 7:40 AM

Thanks MX915 found it by taking the ignition cover off!!! Thanks a lot!!!


6/7/2018 8:00 AM

Awesome. Love an easy solution.smile


6/7/2018 9:28 AM

Yeah I had the magnet and was trying to be slick and put it back in manually. Thanks guys


6/7/2018 9:59 AM

Anytime you are working with wrist pin circlips or valve shims, etc., it is wise to plug up any and all gaps with paper towels to prevent this from happening.


6/7/2018 11:05 AM

Any good recommendations for a replacement bolt set? Going through this bike I see that some should nexreplaced. Cylinder head and some screws around air filter striped.


6/7/2018 11:16 AM

Order OEM ones.