2014 YZ250F- Clutch worked one day, didn't the next

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1/13/2020 12:17 PM

This one has me scratching my head. I have a 2014 YZ250F thats in really good shape or thougt it was. Have not had any clutch issues before. Always shifted everything seemed to work. Couple of weeks back installed a new clutch lever and I took a tick of slack out compared to my old lever, not big deal, still has some slack like I've always adjusted. Couldn;t tell anything didn;t work or had any problems after i installed the new lever. Clutch worked or seemed too as I recall.

So yesterday we brought my wifes Side by Side home from our lake house and to get it in the garage had to move my YZ. Went to roll out of the way, was in gear so i pulled in the clutch and it would not engage. Cable is not broke, its moving the clutch lever on the engine. Its been a couple of weeks since I started it and didn't have any clutch problems that I knew of.

Not sure it it set up/something stuck or I did something supid I didn't realzie. Its on the cold side for South East Texas, mid 40's to mid 50's this week. I have my service manal out but have not had time to look at it, will tonight if I get a chace. With work haven't had time to start it to see what it would do once started.

I hope I did something supid thats easy to fix.

I grew up racing a CZ back in the day, I'm 63. My buddies used to kid me back then about not knowing how to use a clutch, didn't use a lot of Clutch with those old CZ's, up down whatever they would shift.


1/13/2020 6:06 PM

You will not be able to roll a dirt bike in gear with the clutch pulled in. This is normal.

Paw Paw


1/13/2020 7:33 PM

I recall it would roll with a little resistance, it’s locked up tight. My Honda rolls easy. Maybe I never noticed before. Only rode it a few times.


1/13/2020 8:12 PM

Mine does not roll well. It will roll but it’s not easy.


1/16/2020 9:57 AM

My 2016 yz250f all stock won’t roll when not running and clutch pulled in.