2014-2015 Ktm powerparts map switch

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2/4/2018 12:59 PM

Hey guys I have a 2014 450Sxf I bought from a guy who added a bigger gas tank and an 18” rear wheel to make it more suitable for desert riding out here in az. I really enjoy the bike but I find the brutal power becomes a lot to hold onto after a few hours of riding. I see KTM sells a bar mounted map switch. I would like to tame the bike down so make it easier to ride for longer. I already put a bigger front sprocket on it but it didn’t really do much. It’s a $150 bucks which seems pricey for a switch and wiring but if it helped me ride more I would happily buy it. Has anyone tried this?


2/22/2018 5:50 AM

I didn't buy the switch but I did buy the map plugs from SICASS RACING. I have a 12 350. The plugs were only like $15 on ebay. Id look into them before spending 150. Rockymountainatvmc.com also has them for like 25.00. Good luck.


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2/22/2018 7:09 AM

Before wasting your money on the switch do little research, if I remember right certain 450s although they had the spot for the switch the switch doesn't work, I have a 14 450 xc-w that I use as a street and trail and I know the switch doesn't work on that bike


2/26/2018 11:37 PM

Installing that switch will give you adjustability. You have a dial that sets your two maps already under seat, the switch just opens/ closes circuit to go between two settings.
The switch from ktm has some instructins with it that explains it all
The sxf, xcf were always wired for it starting in 2012.5. Xcw not.