2007 yz450 carb problems

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3/23/2018 5:11 AM

My bike sat for a while and would not start cause the carb got gummed up so I took it apart and ultrasonicly cleaned it . I reassembled and now it will start and idle for like a minute but then shut off and will not restart for hours later . I checked float height , made sure it's squirting gas to engine , fuel screw is at 2 turns out from seated . I've had this carb off numerous times and recleaned again in case jets are were clogged . Spark plug looks good . I'm a getting frustrated can anyone help . Everything is stock on it


3/23/2018 5:30 AM

Will it start with the hot start? Sounds flooded


3/23/2018 6:02 AM

I tried it but no luck there also . I have carb rebuild kit coming in tonight and hopefully that will resolve the problem but I'm skeptical on it cause I really cleaned the hell out of the carb a few times . I did notice the needle the one with the c clip has a slight bend in it not sure if that's the issue or not I'm not carb savy by no means


3/23/2018 6:05 AM

Yea you would definitely want to replace the needle. Bent ones are no bueno


3/23/2018 6:29 AM

I'm hoping that's the fix . I like nice and simple


3/23/2018 6:30 AM

Sure sounds like a fuel starvation issue. I would also check the carb vent lines as critters love to make homes in them. When they get clogged the fuel will not flow due to a vacuum created and thus shuts off the fuel flow.
I would also check the fuel screen in the petcock in the fuel tank for crud. The fuel tank vent line and or cap can also be clogged. The next time you get it started, loosen the fuel tank cap so it will get air into the tank and see it that helps.
One other long shot here....Do an OHMs test on your ignition coil and it could be going bad.

Paw Paw


3/23/2018 7:52 AM

Thanks Paw Paw I didn't think of that I will be sure to take a look at it when I get off work today