2005 kx250 paint code

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7/2/2018 12:35 AM

I need help with a colour code for a 2005 kx250 frame/swinger after a quick google search ive come up with “458, metallic phantom silver” can anyone confirm this for me? before I go getting it done and it be wrong?


7/2/2018 8:41 AM

In my opinion powder coating would be better since it lasts longer but after a search I also found Kawasaki Metallic Phantom Silver 458. There's also a Frame Gentry Grey 671 color I came across which is darker.

If my memory serves me right the mid 2000's KX's had metallic flakes in the paint.

I don't think I'd hesitate going with the 458 Metallic Phantom Silver. That looks to be the right one.


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7/2/2018 10:18 AM

Gentry is not the 2005 shade. That is 2003 or 2004.

Kawasaki's color code is 458 for the frame and swingarm on that model. I don't know how well one going to an auto paint dealer and telling them "458" is going to work.


7/2/2018 4:08 PM


7/2/2018 9:49 PM

plus shipping from the Netherlands, SO cheap!

See if there is someone in AUS like www.colorrite.com.