2004 YZ 125 Suspension questions

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4/17/2018 11:23 PM

I picked up an 04 YZ 125 for $320.00. The bike was in a box but everything is there. I have a couple questions. From years of reading on here I know everyone loves the 06 up SSS forks. These things are hard to find under $500. My questions is, I know they are better than whats on the 04 but can the 04 stuff be freshened up and be decent stuff? I mainly bought this as a play bike for my sons and myself. They race 250 4 strokes, so this is a fun bike and gives me something to chase the grandson with.

I was thinking of doing a 144 kit. Is it worth the extra expense or should I just do a stock rebuild and spend that money on the SSS forks. Hows the the stock 04 shock? Is it decent or do I need the matching SSS year shock?

Since I can only afford to do one of the other the SSS forks or the 144 kit which will provide the most value/fun?

Thanks for your input guys,



4/17/2018 11:57 PM

gharmon wrote:

I picked up an 04 YZ 125 for $320.00. The bike was in a box but everything is there. I have a couple questions. From years of ...more

You can freshen up the 04 forks, but they won't come anywhere near SSS. If you tried to revelve and rebuild them, that would get you near the cost of buying the SSS forks.

As far as motor mods go, you will be able to go much faster and be safer at the same time, when on a decent suspension. Power is nothing if you cannot use it due to suspension limitations. My vote goes for SSS swap.

Might be a good idea to get the newer shock as well, as it was much improved over your 04.

Good luck with the build!


4/18/2018 8:09 AM

I also have and 04 yz125. I had the suspension resprung and revalved for my weight and i was pretty happy with it. I raced a season on that bike with a stock motor and the 04 suspension and did just fine against 12 year newer 250s.

I did end up getting SSS forks and a rear shock from an 06 250f. I couldn’t pass up a $300 parts bike with the suspension still there.
I put it on and ride it a few times but without having it setup for me personally I likes the 04 stuff better. Obviously I knew putting the SSS stuff on my bike wasn’t going to be great without tweaking, I just wanted to see what I was working with.


4/18/2018 8:50 AM

Save the money on the 144 kit. Ya they are nice if you are going to be racing it week in and week out, but as a play bike and following your grandson around I say leave it stock. As amazing as the sss forks are, I'd say most wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two forks. Get the stock stuff set up for you, valved and sprung, and you should be totally fine.


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4/18/2018 9:04 AM

I have been riding my 03 which is probably the same stuff and honestly its not too bad. For probably 80% of the people out there is will do the job just fine.


4/21/2018 9:43 PM

thanks for the advice guys.


5/1/2018 1:19 PM

I had an 04 and didn't like the forks. Got a revalve and I didn't feel like it even helped. They are what they are. I'd say if you are going to sink money into it, don't mess with the revalve, just go straight for the SSS swap. They are dramatically better.


5/1/2018 1:48 PM

Subtanks help those forks a lot so it doesn’t blow through the stroke. Pretty much adds the speed-sensitivity of the SSS fork to them. Some people habe issues with fork oil building up in them though.


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