2003 cr250 pipe on to a 2002 cr250

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6/6/2018 2:10 AM

Can anyone please give any info about putting a 2003 cr250 pipe onto a 2002 cr250. Will it fit ok if so will it change anything as in power and performance?


6/6/2018 11:23 PM

Pipe is the same for a 02 and a 03 and a 04. Power and performence depends on what you want.

Stock pipe or aftermarket pipe. That's on your self how you ride.. where you ride.


6/9/2018 6:51 AM

The 03-04 pipes were designed to provide better lowend response with the same mid-top as the 02 model. If you look up the part #'s on the 02 vs. the 03-04 they are different. They will interchange & would only need the exhaust spigot (flange) from the 03-04.


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