2003 CR125 Brakes

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5/22/2018 12:03 PM

Has anyone upgraded brakes on to 2017 CRF450R brakes? I changes the front caliper over to the 03 bracket and it mounted just fine. Pads seem to sit really close to the rotor but are even.

The rear brakes are 2013 CRF250R. They worked great on previous bike. They sat on the shelf for 8 mths during the build and now act as if they have air in them. Pads are new and caliper slides freely. No leaks, no air in system, system was sealed the whole time. Caliper piston moves about 1/8th inch when pedal is pressed all the way down. At a loss. Has anyone experienced this problem?


5/22/2018 1:02 PM

Theres air in the master cylinder even after you close it up. From it laying down on the shelf its likely that air worked its way down the line. Rebleed them after installation.